We carry the best aftercare product on the market 

We strongly recommend not combining AFTER INKED with any other product.

AFTER INKED is great for existing tattoos and for healing tattoos. 

After 4-12 hours remove your bandage.

 In a clean environment with clean hands immediately wash your fresh tattoo with mild soap and as warm water as you can stand. Pat or air dry, don't scrub!

Continue to wash your tattoo and avoid unnecessary touching for the next 2 days.

On day four and on, apply AFTER INKED 2-3 Times as needed (only if it feels dry).

A very small amount on clean hands will keep your tattoo moist.

Gently massage over tattoo until lotion is no longer visible.

Wash before bed and apply a thin layer of AFTER INKED.

Avoid unnecessary touching, do not scratch, wear clean clothing and no submerging in the tub (showers are great).

Avoid sun and chlorinated water (pools and hot tubs)

and Keep it clean.

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